Pierpont's grounds and buildings are steeped with history surrounding the 1815
battle between Napoleon and the allied forces.

Its direct environment being the scene of the first battle, Pierpont's buildings have even served as shelter for the allied forces (Dutch regiments).

Other golf clubs in the area assume connection with the 1815 campaign but only Pierpont can say with certain proof that the battles taking place on its course now have a precedent in history...

Thankfully the balls are now small and white and not lead !

Please click here if you want to learn more about Pierpont and its role in the great battle that defined the future of Europe.


To Do (if not playing golf)

There are many additional places of interest to visit in the region.
What about the site of the battle of Waterloo, the Abbey at Villers-la-Ville or the industrial heritage of Charleroi ?

Fancy a deluxe shopping streak? Waterloo (15 minutes) and the cosmopolitan capital of Europe (30 minutes) await you !

You can also go for a walk in the countryside or get your helmet on at the nearby karting track.